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It's A SICK, SAD world....

I saw some terrible show a few months back that consisted of following the Olsen twins around Virgin Records for the day.  Yes, believe it or not, I had to see how these two shop for music and what they consider music?  After a short, tiring and unbelievably painful stretch of ten minutes, those retarded blondes pulled out a slip of paper with what they wanted and shoved them in some poor employee's face.  They are too stupid to even shop for their own music.  ::::::::::shakes head in disgust:::::::::
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Bah, how could I miss this post? The Olsen twins should both be shot, no burned, that they may never be revived again.
Yes, just like infested zombies... wait.. they already are zombies in a way. Hmm....

I have to admit, I've only been to a Virgin Megastore once (in London) and I was pretty overwhelmed/confused at first too. But browsing around for half a day was priceless.

Yeah, but keep in mind.. these stupid goils have been there before.

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Uh... what?

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OH!~ LOL Forgive me I slow.
Yeah, we have members now. Don't ask me.
YAY! Image hosted by
I told you I could get you a lot of members. =)
I think like 95% of them are from ana_for_zombies
I'm sorry for doubting you.